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Articles in Sixty seconds or less

If you find the articles below lacking, and you should, great! That means you aren't the intended audience.

These are incredibly shallow articles on the topics they discuss. Each topic is a rabbit hole that experienced professional developers can get lost in on a daily basis. It takes time and experience to develop some skill in each, and I have never met anyone who has mastered them all. If these articles make you a little curious about what else there is, I'm glad to hear it. Do some research. Practice a little. Start small. Hell, give it just 60 seconds of your time. That will make you 60 seconds more knowledgeable than you were before you started.

HTML in 60 Seconds
Selenium WebDriver in 60 Seconds
Software Testing in 60 Seconds
Git: Your First Repo
Git Config in 60 Seconds
Unit Testing in 60 Seconds
Scrum in 60 Seconds
Get an AWS Website with SSL Certificate
Working Locally with DynamoDB In 60 Seconds